Flashback, part II

One day later

Someone calls me from a restaurant, the  lighter guy from the night before. I join. A great conversation and an exciting jump in the lake follows. We are having a blast. He makes me relaxed and nervous at the same time. I want to kiss him and he wants to kiss me. It turns out to be a public kiss, watched by an army of  hotel staffmembers .

Day turns into evening and we get hungry. We share a fish. My lightening guy tells me a horror story- about fish bones piercing the stomach. I think chances are higher we get eaten by a cannibal.

A Text message from my Toba guy. Where I am, with who, and when I come home. After yesterday It makes me scared. I tell him I am almost on my way. Get nervous. We pay and leave.  My legs are shaking, I feel unsafe.

We walk back to my place. Four big guys. One of them telling us he eats people. Shit, just what I need. My Toba guy is nowhere to be found. According to his friends he is in a club, looking for girls. I walk up and down to my room, see if he is there. Nothing. Check my essentials again. I am afraid for his moods. Maybe he knows about my kiss.

He comes back finally. Acts normal. The atmosphere is much more relaxed now, though I am afraid it is just an act  Lightening  leaves and I stay.  I Talk to my Toba guy and tell him what happened. I kissed someone and want to leave. He gets mad. I calm him down. We agree that he will leave, before me. For a short holiday, so he doesn’t have to lose face.

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