The more we move, the more we meet. Lost people looking for a new destination. The excited. Couples. People with bad intentions. Drunks. Space heads. Braggers. Narcissists. They come, do their thing and go.

 Every once in a while things are different. You meet someone that changes your day, -your perspective, or your life- even. Someone who spreads light and makes a difference. Meetings like that are intercultural and can be done without language.

 A great smile when you need it most. A stranger taking care of your injuries when you get hurt. The conversation that you did not expect, that gave you the power to keep on walking. The shy guy playing his music in a hostel, just to heal himself.      A young girl with an old spirit coming over at a beach to talk to you. The dog that is suddenly next to you when you felt unprotected.

Sensitive souls-open to reach out and touch your hand. To move your world.   They are out there.


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