Khorat, some impressions

Something different. Nakhon Ratchasima, gateway to the northeast of Thailand.

A walk through town. Communication is limited, mostly focused on exchanging smiles. I reach the market hall. Get the usual overload: people, fruits, dead meat, spices , turtles, long beans, snakes, flowers, candles and rats.A woman is peeling garlic while chatting to her friend.

I get lost and manage to find my way back. Fall flat on my face over a stone. A nice man asks me if I am fine.

There is one expat bar on my street. It looks sleazy. I wonder about the woman working there, her story. Eyes that have seen a lot. Old guys are drinking beer outside while eating sausages with mashed potato. More Thai women surrounding  them, to feed their ego’s in exchange for a new handbag. Or a better perspective.

A little bit further on my street. Two Japanese-style food carts. The atmosphere is a lot more friendly and they are highly popular by the young and fashionable. A limited menu-  a big wok on the street. The staff  is young, trendy and helpful. A woman starts talking to me in limited English. Asks me about my visit to her town and tells me she is on her way to the station but will be back the next day. I hope to run into her again.

I walk back to my hotel. Complete isolation on the top floor. I listen to the fan and miss the excited. This place needs a rooftop bar.

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