Imagine- that we could all be wise.

We  have our conceptions. Make our own judgments based on what we think we know. Our background, religion,  culture, experiences and emotions. What we consider to be the facts.

How many long stories are out there  to be told – but are covered in fear. The always smiling  teenager who has recently lost her mom over cancer. The old veteran, that once got a a dance with the girl he admired. A beauty that got bullied and did not dare to go to school anymore. The woman from the shop who gets abused by her husband every day. The businessman that has been suffering from  depression and is now fighting for a new life where nobody knows him. The prostitute on the street. Our neighbors, family,  friends, partners. Not all is what we think.

Cover up,- put on a show. We  all do it to some extent in order to survive. Hide away from ourselves and the outside world. Out of our own conceptions of fear or guilt . What we have learned –or what we know -that is not right. Things that other people perceive as wrong. Or uncommon, at least.

By exploring the dark, by telling ourselves- and a stranger the whole story, we can change perspectives. It takes a brave soul to tell a story. It takes an open mind to learn.

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