Wok’s alternatives

Waiting for my noodles. Saturday night, a busy food cart in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I observe the two people preparing food. Highly efficient. The woman picks some vegetables, breaks an egg and takes a handful of noodles. All go in separate bowls. Quickly she hands the bowls to Mister Stir-fry. The action comes in. He takes some water, some oil, -PSSSH-!!! One order done. The next already waiting.  A very high turnover.

I think about things that feed my curiosity . Other peoples perspectives. The sun and the big rains. Beans. Being an ant in this crazy constellation. People taking off their sunglasses. Talking to  friends, my lover, or a stranger. Trying a new  fruit. The mind and works of an artist. Famous or yet to be discovered. Coral reefs, hidden in the deep sea.

A  couple of days ago I received a great compliment from a girl who is better when she is bad and likes dripping ice cream. She is a believer that goes for a difficult climb. That has an extra smile in her pocket.  As we all should have. I would like to see the person behind the blog. To hear  Esenga’s Voice.

Alternatives also make me curious. What happens if we don’t follow the rules? If we explore other structures?


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