From Keyboardcat to Bangkok

A friendly atmosphere in a small town. After a couple of days I get to recognize some eccentric characters and start giving imaginary names to them: “Face, mysterious smile, instrument airheads, paint dog, tortured soul, the mushroom lady and keyboard-cat ”.

Bars, healthy food and a shot of Spirulina in the morning. Just as I am beginning to REALLY like the place a painful realization pulls me out of my Disney dream. My Thailand Visa will expire within 6 days. Boom.

Something needs to be organized. A list. Malaysia. India. Visa.  Transport. Packing. Chiang Mai. Bangkok. Flights. Seasons. Embassies. Money. Dreams. Priorities. Write it down. Internet. Book. Take a bus.

Chiang Mai. I am on an India guidebook quest. Used. Finished everywhere. Last burrito. Strangely enough I got addicted to them. I Pack my bag.Take a night bus to Bangkok. Time seems endless until we run out.

Bangkok. Seven in the morning on a small street in Sukhumvit. Four hours to go before I can jump on my new big bed. A morning walk through the streets:  markets, an empty stomach. Waiting for the mall and my room to open. I stay in a nice hostel. Creative decorations and a unique atmosphere. Many rules. Maybe the manager once got burned out on selfish backpackers destroying the place. Ants. I leave a message to the universe on the wall. 2012. India. Love. Make it last. Every day is a bonus.

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