Pencils and rosebuds

Morning.  Chiang Mai. I pass the tuk-tuk driver that never seems to leave his corner.   Wonder how many lonely souls this city knows, people with long lost dreams who have become stiff like a pencil. Or who have lost themselves in their dreams- got carried away and now not know how to dream at all anymore. Those who are about to give up as they don’t have the strength to drag themselves to bed and to wait for a new sunrise.

Health, love and happiness, all is connected.

To a wild flower:

Once you started out as a small seed. You grew bigger and rooted yourself solidly into the ground. Amongst all other plants you made sure to find your way up to the light, to not be pushed away by a conceited green stem who thought he could rule the earth surrounding you.

As you grew you carefully observed every plant around you. Silently. You became wise and often smiled about the silly behaviors of the many flowers surrounding you.

You enhanced the rain and storm as they challenged your roots and made you grow wiser and stronger.  Enjoyed the colors and the crispy air around you. Believed in the strong plant you came to  be. Smiled friendly at every bee, and if necessary, you told him the truth. You managed to stay true to yourself and allowed your fears without allowing them to control you.

For you, there will be no ending, no beginning. You only live at the moment that exists.

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