Mission T- McCleod Ganj.

Early in the morning. Too early. This village wakes up long before I do. Children are leaving for school, a cow is chewing on a chapati and some shops are opening up. Early activities that would have remained a mystery to me if I did not have a special mission today:

I am going on a trek to Triund. I will cross rivers, climb mountains, push my hiking shoes to their limits, or, at least to have a small adventure and follow an old trail. Hopefully the weather will be kind to me and no Abominable Snowman will cross my path. I am ready. And sleepy.

On my way to the next village. I wonder if I am on the right path and walk back to where I came from. Yes, I was going the right way. Just to be sure. I make it to the village and collect my trekking guides for today: three dogs.

Now the only way is up. Stones, a temple, more stones. The sun shines through the trees. A bird laughs at me as I almost miss my step. Slowly I wake up, and reach my first stop:  a shop and guesthouse and the official beginning of the trail. The dogs are sleeping around me. I wonder what will happen if the residential dog sees them. Nothing.

I continue walking. The village under me looks farther and farther away. The dogs are still with me. Suddenly one of them gets discouraged, no food, not enough love?  Something to be scared of? We continue walking. Pass a small stream. The discouraged dog starts drinking.

I see something moving up behind me. Donkeys and people. Try to walk faster. Not a big success. Slower. They pass me, I catch up with them in a chai shop and later they pass me again.

Up. Up. More up? Yes. Tired. Ooof….. Almost. My leg hurts. My dogs have given up. I am exhausted. Almost. Getting close.


Made it! I am in a cloud on Triund now. A tiny piece of mountain peak is still visible. The rest is mist.   I enjoy my isolated moment of victory—at least I have made it

to my destination.

And it is all about the journey, right?

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