The zorb!

Solang, October  2012

I made it, finally. By bus. I look at the green hill in front of me where a big inflatable ball is rolling around with two people inside. I wonder how they are feeling and start getting nervous. I will be next.

My first zorb. The people get out and the ball approaches. Oh-oh. I get told to crawl in to the opening of  the ball. It smells like plastic inside. I start sweating. I climb into one of the harnesses in the zorb, and attach myself.

I am hanging now. And consider my fast escape. I look up. And get scared and excited.


There we go. I hear myself scream. I feel my stomach in my head, and then rolling around my feet. I am on top now, head upside down, afraid to fall on the rock star hanging in the chair opposite me.

A short and weird process of fear and curiousity living inside of me. This feels weird. Then the zorb balls slows down and slowly I get back to senses.


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