Echoes of yesterday. I wake up. 7 AM. The start of a new day. See my own reflection in the mirror. Almost the same as a week ago. I listen to the sound of the fan and try to focus on its rhythm. Fragments, messages,- voices- reality , dreams,  I hardly know.

The island is quiet in the morning. Too many happy hours last night.  The tide is low and it is nice to be at the beach. Watch the crabs, early birds, and dogs chasing each other.

I leave a message in the sand. Hope  to not have lost the race against time. Words get washed away, facts are permanent. Unredeemable.

It is Afternoon now, the island wakes up. The beach is getting busy and it is time to hide from the heat and the people. A cat starts chasing a bird, lots of noise. An hour later she is sleeping under my table.

The day is turning into evening.  A dead jellyfish. Two little girls jumping of  the wall- into the water, running together. I walk past the bars: people talking to each other, flirting.  Cute girls in tiny dresses and surf dudes trying to impress them. I wonder who of them will get  kissed  first  tonight.

It is a beautiful sunset. I  make my way  to the far end of the beach. The sand has a different structure here and swallows me. It gets dark now.

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